1. Beginners Guide to Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Units: A Solution to Indoor Air Quality Woes

    Condensation on a window with a wooden frame.

    A guide to Positive Input Ventilation Units

    In the pursuit of energy efficiency, our homes have undergone significant changes in recent years. Double-glazed windows, loft, and cavity insulation have made our living spaces more airtight than ever before. While this is a positive step in terms of conserving energy, it has given rise to a new set of challenges – indoor air quality. The accumulation of moisture, condensation, and the growth of mould have become prevalent issues affecting approximately 58% of households. Enter Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) units, a breath of fresh air for homes battling these indoor pollutants.

    The Role of PIV Units

    A PIV unit is a mechanical ventilation system designed to combat the adverse effects of poor indoor air quality....

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