Industrial 3 Phase Circuit Breakers

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  1. Eaton MEM MCB Blanking Module 18mm

    Product Code: EMBP

    £1.66 £1.38
  2. Eaton MEM ASPDL Locking Device for MCBs

    Product Code: ASPDL

    £6.45 £5.37
  3. Eaton MEM Door Barrel Lock with 2 Keys

    Product Code: EMDL

    £15.28 £12.73
  4. Eaton MEM RCBO 32A 10kA Trip Type B Single Phase 30mA

    Product Code: EMBH132R30C

    £45.26 £37.72
  5. Eaton MEM MCB 6A 10/15kA Trip Type C Single Pole

    Product Code: EMCH106

    £11.12 £9.27
  6. Eaton MEM RCBO 16A 10kA Trip Type B Single Phase 30mA

    Product Code: EMBH116R30C

    £45.26 £37.72
  7. Eaton MEM MCB 10A 10/15kA Trip Type C Single Pole

    Product Code: EMCH110

    £10.62 £8.85
  8. Eaton EMBPH 27mm Miniature Circuit Breaker Blanking Module

    Product Code: EMBPH

    £4.09 £3.41
  9. Eaton MEM Type A Incomer 125A SPSN Switch Disconnector

    Product Code: EAMS1251N

    £17.97 £14.97
  10. Eaton MEM MCB 20A 10/15kA Trip Type B Single Pole

    Product Code: EMBH120

    £10.62 £8.85
  11. Eaton MEM MCB 32A 10/15kA Trip Type B Single Pole

    Product Code: EMBH132

    £10.62 £8.85
  12. Eaton MEM MCB 63A 10/15kA Trip Type C Triple Pole

    Product Code: EMCH363

    £54.37 £45.31
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Find industrial 3 phase circuit breakers, circuit protection devices, consumer units from brands such as Hager, Eaton and more.

Electrical2go, we’re proud to be able to bring you a range of 3 phase circuit breakers and accessories including switch disconnectors, single-pole MCBs, triple-pole MCBs, digital timers, type B distribution boards and type A incomers. We’re always watching the market, so you’ll find all of our prices for industrial 3 phase circuit protection products are kept as low as possible. Three-phase circuit breakers are often used in electrical circuits which work with three live conductors. For this reason, three-phase circuit protection is used frequently in industrial circuit protection such as air conditioning systems, cold storage rooms, industrial fans and hoisting devices. They are used to prevent overload, protect against electrical faults (such as short circuits) and, occasionally, to switch circuits off and on. If you have any questions about choosing the right three-phase circuit protection products for your installation, call our team on 01424 220384 and they’ll gladly talk through the options with you. We stock 3 phase circuit breakers in a range of sizes from major brands. Stock up today and benefit from free delivery. There’s never been a better time to stock up your electrical kit!