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GU10 Downlights

Our range of GU10 downlights offer versatility and style, perfect for any project. Need help choosing quantities, sizes or any other questions? Call our sales team 01424 220384

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  1. JCC JC010010/NB Fireguard Next Generation Mains Twist and Lock Can Only IP20/IP65 No Downlight Bezel - JC010010/NB

    Product Code: JC010010/NB

    Delivery Estimate:
    £3.09 £2.57
  2. Aurora EN-DLM981X GU10 Fixed Compact Professional Fire Rated Downlight

    Product Code: EN-DLM981X

    Delivery Estimate:
    £3.42 £2.85
  3. Ansell Twistlock Antique Brass GU10 Downlight (ATLG/AB)

    Product Code: ATLG/AB

    Delivery Estimate:
    £6.56 £5.47
  4. Ansell Twistlock Antique Brass GU10 Downlight (ATLD/AB)

    Product Code: ATLD/AB

    Delivery Estimate:
    £5.13 £4.27
  5. Aurora EN-DLM982X GU10 Adjustable Compact Professional Fire Rated Downlight

    Product Code: EN-DLM982X

    Delivery Estimate:
    £3.78 £3.15
  6. JCC JC010023/WH Fireguard Next Generation Mains Twist and Lock Unlamped Downlight Tilt IP20 White

    Product Code: JC010023/WH

    Delivery Estimate:
    £5.42 £4.52
  7. Aurora EN-DLM611MW GU10 81mm Fixed Black Baffled Downlight Matt White

    Product Code: EN-DLM611MW

    Delivery Estimate:
    £11.04 £9.20
  8. JCC JC010023/NB Fireguard Next Generation Mains Twist and Lock Tilt Can Only IP20 No Downlight Bezel - JC010023/NB

    Product Code: JC010023/NB

    Delivery Estimate:
    £3.93 £3.27
  9. JCC Fireguard Next Generation Mains Twist and Lock Unlamped Showerlight GU10 IP65 White - JC010016/WH

    Product Code: JC010016/WH

    Delivery Estimate:
    £4.92 £4.10
  10. Ansell Twistlock Brass GU10 Downlight (ATLD/BR)

    Product Code: ATLD/BR

    Delivery Estimate:
    £4.46 £3.72
  11. Ansell Twistlock Matt White GU10 IP65 Downlight (ATLD/IP65/MW)

    Product Code: ATLD/IP65/MW

    Delivery Estimate:
    £7.70 £6.42
  12. Aurora EN-FD103W GU10 IP65 86mm Acoustic Compact Fire Downlight White

    Product Code: EN-FD103W

    Delivery Estimate:
    £5.80 £4.83
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Explore our range of GU10 downlights and fire rated GU10 downlights that are perfect for any project. From kitchens to bathrooms, hallways to living rooms, and everything in between, you’re sure to find the GU10 downlights you need from Electrical2Go.

GU10 downlights are a popular and versatile lighting option for both residential and commercial spaces. These compact, recessed light fixtures offer a sleek and modern look while providing high-quality illumination. With their twist-and-lock GU10 bi-pin base, these downlights are easy to install and replace, making them an excellent choice for various lighting applications.

Our selection of GU10 downlights includes a wide range of options, from fixed or adjustable beam angles to different finishes and trims to complement your decor. Choose from warm white, cool white, or daylight color temperatures to create the desired ambiance in your space.

If you're unsure which colour temperature lighting will suit your home, go and check out our helpful Warm White vs Cool White lighting guide.

If you’re not sure about quantities, sizes or have any other questions, our sales team will be more than happy to help. Perhaps you’re not sure what GU10 Bulbs you need? Maybe you’re wondering if you should choose fire rated downlights or non fire rated downlights, or whether LED downlights are the best choice? Give them a call now on 01424 220384.