COVID Safety Supplies, PPE & Signs

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  1. Deligo SOSB Elasticated Overshoes Blue

    Product Code: SOSB

    £0.06 £0.05
  2. N95 Protective Face Mask without valve (FFP2)

    Product Code: N95

    £3.53 £3.53
  3. Kosnic Disposable Face Mask

    Product Code: PMSK-DFM

    £0.16 £0.16
  4. Big Wipes 4x4 Red Top Antibacterial Heavy-Duty Wipes - Tub of 80

    Product Code: 2420 0000

    £8.41 £7.01
  5. Big Wipes BGW2410 4x4 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes - Tub of 80

    Product Code: BGW2410

    £7.00 £5.83
  6. N95 Protective Face Mask with Valve (FFP2)

    Product Code: N95-VALVE

    £4.66 £4.66
  7. Green Shield Care and Protect Antibacterial Household Large Surface Wipes 70

    Product Code: WIPESL70

    £0.99 £0.82
  8. Deligo SPU10 Cut Resistant Black PU Gloves

    Product Code: SPU10

    £0.95 £0.79
  9. Deligo SPU9 Cut Resistant PU Gloves Size 9 Black

    Product Code: SPU9

    £1.20 £1.00
  10. Big Wipes 4x4 Green Top Antibacterial Multi-Surface Wipes - Tub of 80

    Product Code: 2440 0000

    £8.41 £7.01
  11. Deligo SSPEC Wrap Around Spectacles

    Product Code: SSPEC

    £4.88 £4.07
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Explore our range of COVID-19 safety products, signage, PPE and more. We understand the importance of health and safety at work and on-site is no exception, that’s why we stock a range of coronavirus safety gear, workwear and PPE supplies. Explore the range below.

Some of our most popular products include PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves, N95 face masks with or without valves, disposable face masks, disposable aprons, face shields, safety goggles and more. We also stock a wide selection of COVID work safety signage including social distancing wall and floor stickers, labels, floor signs, hand washing and good practice guide posters, hi-vis clothing and more. 

Finally, it’s vitally important that surfaces and work areas are kept clean so we supply a range of hand sanitiser gel, anti-bacterial wipes, surface cleaner spray, brushes, mops and more. If you need any assistance with your PPE then our friendly sales team is on hand to help, email or call us on 01424 220384.