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Comprehensive range of switches and sockets including standard, specialized, and decorative options. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

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  1. Click Mode Switched Double Socket 2 Gang 13A (CMA036)

    Product Code: CMA036

    Delivery Estimate:
    £2.22 £1.85
  2. Click Mode 13A Double Switched Socket with Type A & C USB 4.2A (CMA786)

    Product Code: CMA786

    Delivery Estimate:
  3. Click Deco Antique Brass 13A 2 Gang Double Pole Ingot Switched UK Socket Outlet with Black Insert (VPAB536BK)

    Product Code: VPAB536BK

    Delivery Estimate:
    £8.46 £7.05
  4. Click Deco Satin Chrome 13A 2 Gang Double Pole Ingot Switched UK Socket Outlet with Black Insert (VPSC536BK)

    Product Code: VPSC536BK

    Delivery Estimate:
    £8.74 £7.28
  5. Click Deco Satin Chrome 13A 2G DP Ingot Switched UK Socket Outlet with Grey Insert (VPSC536GY)

    Product Code: VPSC536GY

    Delivery Estimate:
    £8.74 £7.28
  6. Click Deco Matt Black 13A 2G DP Ingot Switched UK Socket Outlet with Black Insert (VPMB536BK)

    Product Code: VPMB536BK

    Delivery Estimate:
    £8.78 £7.32
  7. Hamilton Elemento Air 4 Channel Switching Kit - MWM-4CHPSKIT

    Product Code: MWM-4CHPSKIT

    Delivery Estimate:
    £137.19 £114.32
  8. Click Aquip66 Double Weatherproof Socket (OA036AG)

    Product Code: OA036AG

    Delivery Estimate:
    £11.70 £9.75
  9. Click Deco Satin Chrome 1 Gang 2 Way 10AX Ingot Switch with Black Insert (VPSC411BK)

    Product Code: VPSC411BK

    Delivery Estimate:
    £5.21 £4.34
  10. Click Deco Antique Brass 1 Gang 2 Way 10AX Ingot Switch with Black Insert (VPAB411BK)

    Product Code: VPAB411BK

    Delivery Estimate:
    £5.04 £4.20
  11. Hager Sollysta 2 Gang Double Pole Switched Dual Earth Socket (WMSS82)

    Product Code: WMSS82

    Delivery Estimate:
    £2.10 £1.75
  12. Click Deco Antique Brass 2 Gang 13A Switched Socket with 4.2A USB (VPAB580BK)

    Product Code: VPAB580BK

    Delivery Estimate:
    £22.24 £18.53
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At Electrical2Go, we offer an extensive selection of switches and sockets to cater to all your electrical fitting needs. Our comprehensive range includes options for every application, from residential to commercial and industrial settings, featuring products from major brands like Click, Hamilton, MK, BG Electrical, Hager, Greenbrook and many more.

To make your shopping experience easier, we've organized our products into dedicated pages:

  • Shop by Ranges: Explore complete collections from top brands.
  • Shop by Types: Find specific socket or switch types for your needs.
  • Shop by Finishes: Choose from various styles including plastic, metal, and decorative finishes.

Our switches and sockets collection is diverse and versatile, including:

  1. Plug Sockets: Standard, USB, outdoor, metal clad, and RCD protected options.
  2. Specialized Sockets: Shaver, cooker, TV/FM/phone/RJ45, and satellite sockets.
  3. Switches: Rocker, dimmer, toggle, pull cord, and fused spur switches.
  4. Decorative Options: A wide range of finishes to complement any decor.
  5. Outdoor Solutions: Weather-resistant switches and sockets for external use.

Key features of our switches and sockets:

  • High-quality materials ensuring durability and safety
  • Compliance with current electrical standards
  • Easy installation designs for professional and DIY use
  • Wide variety of styles to match different interior designs
  • Options for both residential and commercial applications
  • Innovative features like USB charging and smart connectivity in select models

Whether you're working on a new construction, renovation, or simply updating your electrical fittings, our extensive range of switches and sockets provides solutions for all your requirements.

Need guidance on selecting the right switches and sockets for your project? Our team at Electrical2Go is here to help. Call us on 01424 220384 for expert advice on choosing the most suitable products based on your specific needs and installation type.