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Garden Cameras

High-quality imaging, night vision, Wi-Fi, and weather-resistant options for birdboxes and garden monitoring. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and educational purposes.

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  1. Green Feathers Complete Deluxe WiFi Bird Box Camera Kit (3rd Gen) - GFWF3GB-BBADLX

    Product Code: GFWF3GB-BBADLX

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    £171.94 £143.28
  2. Green Feathers Solar Powered Wifi Bird Box Camera Large Alpine Box Deluxe Bundle - GFWF3R1S1-BBEDLX

    Product Code: GFWF3R1S1-BBEDLX

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    £216.78 £180.65
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Explore the wonders of nature with our range of wildlife cameras at Electrical2Go. Specializing in birdbox cameras and garden wildlife monitoring solutions, our selection offers a unique window into the natural world right in your backyard.

Our birdbox cameras are designed to provide intimate views of nesting birds, allowing you to observe their behaviors without disturbance. These cameras are equipped with high-quality imaging, often including night vision capabilities, to capture every moment of avian life.

For broader garden wildlife monitoring, we offer discreet cameras that can be placed strategically to capture footage of various animals visiting your outdoor space. These cameras are typically motion-activated and weather-resistant, ensuring you don't miss any exciting wildlife activity, day or night.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an educational institution, or simply curious about the wildlife in your garden, our cameras offer an engaging way to connect with nature. Easy to set up and use, these wildlife cameras bring the marvels of the natural world into your home or classroom.