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Tethered Electric Car Chargers

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  1. MyEnergi Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charger 7kW Type 2 Tethered Black - ZAPPI-2H07TB

    Product Code: ZAPPI-2H07TB

    Delivery Estimate:
    £683.50 £569.58
  2. Sale
    Ohme Home Pro 7kW EV Charger Type 2 Tethered 5m Black IP55 - OHME0002GB002

    Product Code: OHME0002GB002

    Delivery Estimate:
    Special Price £550.74 £458.95 Was £562.80 £469.00
  3. MyEnergi Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charger 22kW 3 Phase Type 2 Tethered Black - ZAPPI-2H22TB

    Product Code: ZAPPI-2H22TB

    Delivery Estimate:
    £821.54 £684.62
  4. Sale
    Ohme Home Pro 7kW EV Charger Type 2 Tethered 8m Black IP55 - OHME0002GB0028M

    Product Code: OHME0002GB0028M

    Delivery Estimate:
    Special Price £647.99 £539.99 Was £670.80 £559.00
  5. Rolec Zura Smart EV Charger - 1 x up to 22kW 3PH Type 2 5m Tethered with TruePEN - Black - ROLEC3156B

    Product Code: ROLEC3156B

    Delivery Estimate:
    £1,077.40 £897.83
  6. Sync EV Masterplug 10A 2.3kW Mode 2 3-pin plug to Type 1 EV Charging Cable 5m - EVCP1135SL

    Product Code: EVCP1135SL

    Delivery Estimate:
    £193.41 £161.17
  7. Project EV 300kW EV DC Three Phase Charging Station - EVD-300D

    Product Code: EVD-300D

    Delivery Estimate:
    £128,400.00 £107,000.00
  8. MyEnergi Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charge Point 22kW 3 Phase Type 2 Tethered White - ZAPPI-2H22TW

    Product Code: ZAPPI-2H22TW

    Delivery Estimate:
    £821.54 £684.62
  9. Rolec QUBEV Single Phase Smart EV Charger 7.4kW 32A Type 2 5m Tethered Lead - EVON0095

    Product Code: EVON0095

    Delivery Estimate:
    £543.52 £452.93
  10. Rolec QUBEV 3 Phase Smart EV Charger 22kW 32A Type 2 5m Tethered Lead - EVON0105

    Product Code: EVON0105

    Delivery Estimate:
    £917.65 £764.71
  11. Project EV 2 Gun 40kW 63A 400VAC Car Charger - EVD-40D-P-CM

    Product Code: EVD-40D-P-CM

    Delivery Estimate:
    £23,966.56 £19,972.13
  12. EO Genius 2 22kW 32 amps 3 Phase Tethered OCCP 1.6 + Twin Ethernet + DCL + RFID+GSM EV Charger - EG2

    Product Code: EG203-T2T-PME-DCL-GSM

    Delivery Estimate:
    £1,077.27 £897.72
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You’ll often find that electric car chargers come in tethered and untethered varieties. In terms of the performance of the charger, there’s no difference. Tethered home chargers simply have the charging cable permanently attached to the wall unit. Simply park up, plug in, and charge!

The main advantages of a tethered EV charger are that you don’t need to get the charger cable from your boot or your garage every time you need to charge. You’ll also never not have your cable to hand. The main downside is that some people find the tethered cable is unsightly on the side of your house. You’ll also have to change the whole unit should you change cable type in the future. If these are concerns of yours, you should explore our range of untethered EV chargers.

At Electrical2Go, we stock a range of high quality, tethered EV chargers from leading brands such as EO, Wallbox, Rolec, Scame and Zappi. If you have any trouble locating the exact one you require, why not call our friendly sales team? There’s always someone on hand to help! Call them now on 01424 220384.