Smart EV Chargers

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  1. Project EV AC EV Charger 7.3kw 32A (Single Phase)

    Product Code: EVA-07S-S

    £401.93 £334.94
  2. EO Mini PRO v2 up to 7.2kw WIFI EV Charger - Black

    Product Code: EM201-PRO-DCL-BK

    £533.33 £444.44
  3. Zappi Hub Smart Device For Mobile Phone App (Needed for OLEV Grant) for EV Charger

    Product Code: HUB

    £86.66 £72.22
  4. EO Mini PRO v2 EV Charger Tethered Type 2 up to 7.2kw WIFI - Black

    Product Code: EM201-PRO-DCL-T2

    £735.60 £613.00
  5. EO Mini PRO v2 WIFI EV Charger - White

    Product Code: EM201-PRO-DCL-WT

    £544.05 £453.37
  6. EO Mini PRO v2 up to 7.2kw WIFI EV Charger - Silver

    Product Code: EM201-PRO-DCL-SL

    £554.98 £462.48
  7. Wallbox Copper SB Socket EV Charger Type 2 22kw - Black

    Product Code: CPB1-S-2-4-8-002

    £756.00 £630.00
  8. eoMini PRO v2 EV Charger up to 7.2kw WIFI - with PME (including integrated Type A RCBO) - Black

    Product Code: EM201-PRO-BK-DCL-PME

    £758.67 £632.22
  9. Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV Charger 5m Type 2 22kw - Black

    Product Code: PLP1-0-2-4-9-002

    £623.47 £519.56
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Smart EV chargers communicate with your electric car, the electricity grid and other chargers via wi-fi or Bluetooth.

Unlike traditional devices, which aren’t connected to the cloud, smart EV chargers help you to understand, optimise and manage your energy usage. Clever stuff, huh? Sometimes called a ‘communicating unit’, an EV smart charger is super sustainable, helping you to avoid unnecessary costs and, most importantly, protect our wonderful planet's resources.

Why not browse our smart EV chargers at Electrical2Go today? Our wide range includes solutions from reputable brands including EO, Wallbox, Rolec, Scame and Zappi. Whether you require a smart EV charger for domestic, industrial or commercial use, we’re certain we’ll have something to suit you. If you could require any guidance or advice, our friendly sales team is always on hand to help. Why not get in contact with them today? They’re ready and waiting to take your call on 01242 220384.