RCD & RCCB Circuit Breakers

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  1. Wylex 40A 30mA 4 Pole RCD

    Product Code: WRS40/4

    £24.97 £20.81
  2. Hager CDA263U RCCB DP A 63A 30mA

    Product Code: CDA263U

    £36.38 £30.32
  3. Wylex 40A 100mA 4 Pole RCD

    Product Code: WRM40/4

    £22.14 £18.45
  4. RCD DP Class A 100A 30mA

    Product Code: WRDS100/2

    £36.38 £30.32
  5. Wylex 40A 30mA Double Pole RCD Incomer

    Product Code: WRS40/2

    £23.10 £19.25
  6. Wylex 80A 30mA Double Pole RCD Incomer

    Product Code: WRDS80/2

    £39.28 £32.73
  7. RCCB DP Type A 80A 30mA

    Product Code: CD283U

    £46.60 £38.83
  8. Eaton MEM Type B Incomer Kit 100A 30mA RCCB

    Product Code: EBMR30

    £166.80 £139.00
  9. Wylex 80A 100mA Double Pole RCD Incomer

    Product Code: WRM80/2

    £32.78 £27.32
  10. Eaton MEM EBMTK Memshield 3 Cable Trunking Interface Kit

    Product Code: EBMTK

    £19.28 £16.07
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Find RCD circuit breakers and RCCB circuit breakers from Wylex, Hager, Lewden and Eaton and more. We stock a range of RCD breakers to ensure your wiring project is safe and cost effective.

Electrical2go is proud to bring you a range of electrical RCDs and RCCBs to choose from. But we often get asked - what’s the difference between an RCD and RCCB? An RCD (residual current device) helps to keep an electrical system safe by preventing fatal electrical shocks. RCDs can also provide some protection from electrical fires. An RCCB is basically an RCD without any overload protection, and these are usually used on systems where the risk of electric shock is limited. We bring you the best selection of RCD protection and RCCBs at the most competitive prices. If you’re not sure which RCD breaker is right for you, call our customer services team on 01424 220384. They’re always on hand to offer impartial advice and help you to make the right choice. Use the filters below to quickly locate the right RCD or RCCB breaker for your project. Filter by brand to explore options from Wylex, Hager, Lewden and Eaton MEM, and filter by price to help keep within your budget. Stock up on everything else you need today and take advantage of our Free Delivery policy.