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  1. Click Essentials T2 BC 1/2 Thread Entry Cordgrip Lampholder(PRC004)

    Product Code: PRC004

    Delivery Estimate:
    £0.80 £0.67
  2. Click Essentials T2 BC Batten Lampholder Straight Skirt (PRC006)

    Product Code: PRC006

    Delivery Estimate:
    £0.98 £0.82
  3. Click Essentials T2 BC 1/2 Thread Entry Cordgrip Lampholder (PRC005)

    Product Code: PRC005

    Delivery Estimate:
    £1.62 £1.35
  4. Click Essentials T2 BC Batten Lampholder H.O. Skirt (PRC007)

    Product Code: PRC007

    Delivery Estimate:
    £1.06 £0.88
  5. Click Essentials T2 BC Angled Batten Lampholder H.O. Skirt (PRC008)

    Product Code: PRC008

    Delivery Estimate:
    £1.04 £0.87
  6. Click Essentials T2 BC 10mm Thread Entry Cordgrip Lampholder Straight Skirt (PRC011)

    Product Code: PRC011

    Delivery Estimate:
    £0.65 £0.54
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Illuminate Your Home: The Ultimate Guide to Home Lighting, Fixtures, and Fittings

Lighting is important for both functionality and ambience in your home, whether it's in your living room or kitchen. At Electrical2Go, we offer a wide variety of home lighting styles to meet your unique needs. Let's delve into the different choices you can consider.

Different Types of Home Lighting Styles


Chandeliers add a touch of elegance and grandeur to any space. Perfect for dining rooms and entryways, they come in various styles—be it traditional, contemporary, or modern.


Uplighters cast light upwards, creating a soft and warm atmosphere. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, they can be either floor-standing or wall-mounted.


Opposite to uplighters, downlights focus light downwards and are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms for task lighting.

Ceiling Lights

These are the jack-of-all-trades in the lighting world. From flush mounts to semi-flush mounts, ceiling lights offer general lighting and can be versatile enough for any room.


Available in various forms like table lamps, floor lamps, and desk lamps, these are perfect for providing focused lighting and are easy to move around.


Fluorescent lights are energy-efficient and offer bright illumination, making them suitable for garages, workshops, and utility rooms.


LED lights are the pinnacle of energy efficiency and longevity. They're ideal for almost any setting and offer various colour temperatures.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights range from pathway lights to floodlights, designed to enhance the exterior of your home and improve security.

Warm vs Cool White

When selecting lights, you'll often come across terms like "warm white" and "cool white." Warm white offers a yellowish hue, akin to a fireplace's glow, while cool white emits a whiter, more refreshing tone. To understand the nuances of these options, check out our comprehensive guide to colour temperature selection.

Size and Power Outputs: Where Best Suited?

In a living room, you might opt for a mix of chandeliers, uplighters, and lamps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Kitchens usually require brighter, task-oriented lighting like downlights or LED strips under cabinets. For garages or outdoor areas, high-power fluorescent or LED lights are generally more suitable due to their brightness and energy efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Choose Lighting for Your Home?

Consider the room's purpose, size, and décor. Balance different types of lighting—ambient, task, and accent—to achieve the desired effect.

Can I Change My Own Light Fittings?

Yes, you can change light fittings yourself if you have a basic understanding of electrical work. Always remember to turn off the power at the main switch before starting.

Do You Need an Electrician to Change a Light Fitting?

While it's possible to DIY, hiring a qualified electrician is advised for complex installations to ensure safety and compliance with UK electrical standards.

Visit Electrical2Go today to explore our extensive range of home lighting solutions and transform your home into a well-lit sanctuary.

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