RCBO Circuit Breakers

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  1. Lewden RCBO-32/30/SPA 32A RCBO Single Pole 30mA 6kA

    Product Code: RCBO-32/30/SPA

    £12.95 £10.79
  2. Lewden RCBO-06/30/SPA RCBO 6A 30mA 6kA

    Product Code: RCBO-06/30/SPA

    £12.95 £10.79
  3. Garo G6EV40PME Consumer Unit, MCU Type A RCBO & PME Fault, EV Charger Compatible

    Product Code: G6EV40PME

    £135.30 £112.75
  4. Lewden RCBO-16/30/SPA 16A Single Pole RCBO 30mA 6kA

    Product Code: RCBO-16/30/SPA

    £13.00 £10.83
  5. Click Elucian® 1 Pole True 6kA B Curve 32A 30mA RCBO

    Product Code: CU1RCBO32B

    £15.73 £13.11
  6. Click Elucian® 1 Pole True 6kA B Curve 6A 30mA RCBO

    Product Code: CU1RCBO6B

    £13.82 £11.52
  7. Lewden RCBO-20/30/SPA RCBO 20A 30mA 6kA

    Product Code: RCBO-20/30/SPA

    £13.00 £10.83
  8. Hager Reduced Height 30mA 6kA Type B 32A RCBO

    Product Code: ADA332G

    £23.60 £19.67
  9. Hager Reduced Height 30mA 6kA Type B 6A RCBO

    Product Code: ADA306G

    £24.17 £20.14
  10. Click Elucian® 1 Pole True 6kA B Curve 16A 30mA RCBO

    Product Code: CU1RCBO16B

    £14.10 £11.75
  11. Garo G6EVPME132 MCU PME Fault Detection Distribution Board - EV Charger Compatible

    Product Code: G6EVPME132

    £127.36 £106.13
  12. Hager ADA316G RCBO B Type A 6kA 16A 30mA

    Product Code: ADA316G

    £24.17 £20.14
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Explore our range of RCBO circuit breakers from market leaders Wylex, MK and Hager. Find trade quality circuit breakers at home prices.

Circuit breakers are an essential part of any electrical system. But what’s the difference between an MCB, an RCD and an RCBO circuit breaker? An MCB (miniature circuit breaker) detects overcurrent’s, an RCD (residual current device) detects imbalances between the live and neutral currents, and a RCBO (residual-current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection) does both jobs in one go. The right product for you will depend entirely on what you’re working on.

At Electrical2go, we only bring you the very best RCBO circuit breakers at the lowest possible prices. Use the price and brand filters below to track down the right circuit breaker for your project, from single-pole C curve residual circuit breakers to type B 50A RCBOs and many more. If you’re not sure which circuit breaker is the right fit for your installation, give our friendly team a quick call on 01424 220384 and they’ll happily run through the options with you.

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