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Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

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  1. BN Thermic Laminate Floor Under Floor Heating Element 1.03m x 9.0m (LH10-090)

    Product Code: LH10-090

    Delivery Estimate:
    £225.99 £188.32
  2. Rointe ST.2 Programmable Digital Thermostat for Underfloor Heating White - TSETI03

    Product Code: TSETI03

    Delivery Estimate:
    £52.26 £43.55
  3. Rointe Milos Insulation Panels for Underfloor Heating Pack of 10 - ASCI16

    Product Code: ASCI16

    Delivery Estimate:
    £154.50 £128.75
  4. HeatMat PKM-160-1280 12.8sqm Underfloor heating mat 160W/sqm

    Product Code: PKM-160-1280

    Delivery Estimate:
    £522.90 £435.75
  5. Heat Mat TOU-SIL-ALUM 16a Digital Thermostat & Timer Silver / Brushed Aluminium Faceplate

    Product Code: TOU-SIL-ALUM

    Delivery Estimate:
    £147.06 £122.55
  6. Heat Mat TOU-BLK-ALUM Programmable Thermostat 16A - Black / Brushed Aluminium

    Product Code: TOU-BLK-ALUM

    Delivery Estimate:
    £160.67 £133.89
  7. Heat Mat TOU-WHT-SSTL Programmable Thermostat 16A White / Stainless Steel

    Product Code: TOU-WHT-SSTL

    Delivery Estimate:
    £147.06 £122.55
  8. Heat Mat TOU-SIL-SSTL Programmable Thermostat 16A Silver / Stainless Steel

    Product Code: TOU-SIL-SSTL

    Delivery Estimate:
    £147.06 £122.55
  9. Heat Mat TOU-BLK-SSTL Programmable Thermostat 16A Black / Stainless Steel

    Product Code: TOU-BLK-SSTL

    Delivery Estimate:
    £160.67 £133.89
  10. Heat Mat TOU-WHT-CHRM Programmable Thermostat 16A White / Chrome

    Product Code: TOU-WHT-CHRM

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £160.67 £133.89
  11. Heat Mat TOU-SIL-CHRM Programmable Thermostat 16A Silver / Chrome

    Product Code: TOU-SIL-CHRM

    Delivery Estimate:
    £147.06 £122.55
  12. Heat Mat TOU-BLK-CHRM Programmable Thermostat 16A Black / Chrome

    Product Code: TOU-BLK-CHRM

    Delivery Estimate:
    £160.67 £133.89
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Discover the Best Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

If you're searching for an efficient and comfortable heating solution, look no further than Electrical2Go's diverse range of electric underfloor heating systems. We're proud to feature an array of products from leading brands such as BN Thermic, Heatmat, Heatcom, Heatrae Sadia, and Rointe. Here's a detailed look at the various types of electric underfloor heating systems we offer:

Mat Systems

Mat systems consist of a pre-spaced heating cable attached to a mesh or mat. Brands like Heatmat and Heatcom offer mat systems that are particularly easy to install—simply roll out the mat on your floor and connect it to the power supply. These are perfect for tiled or stone floors as they ensure even heat distribution across the surface. The mats can be cut and shaped to fit any room, making them highly versatile.

Cable Systems

Cable systems use loose heating cables that can be laid out in custom patterns, offering you the flexibility to fit the system into irregularly shaped rooms. BN Thermic and Rointe offer top-quality cables that can be arranged to fit any room layout, making this type ideal for bathrooms or kitchens where the floor space isn't a perfect rectangle. Some systems even come with a programmable thermostat for better energy efficiency.

Foil Systems

These systems use a thin layer of electrically conductive foil to distribute heat. Heatrae Sadia offers foil systems that are an excellent choice for laminate and wooden floors. The foil ensures even heat distribution, and because it's thin, it doesn't raise the floor level noticeably. This system often doesn't require any additional adhesives or levelling compounds, making it easier to install.

Mesh Systems

Mesh systems feature a heating cable woven into a self-adhesive mesh. Brands like Heatmat and Heatcom offer these systems, which are particularly useful for spaces with many fixtures or fittings. You can easily adjust the shape and layout of the mesh to fit the specific dimensions and characteristics of your room. The self-adhesive mesh sticks directly to the subfloor, making installation quick and easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which brands of electric underfloor heating systems do you offer?

A: We offer top-tier brands like BN Thermic, Heatmat, Heatcom, Heatrae Sadia, and Rointe.

Q: How do I determine which underfloor heating system is right for me?

A: The right system depends on various factors like room size, flooring type, and personal heating requirements. Our Electrical2Go experts are always on hand to guide you through your options.

Q: Are electric underfloor heating systems energy-efficient?

A: Absolutely, most of our systems come with energy-saving features and programmable thermostats to help you manage your energy consumption effectively.

Q: Can I install these systems myself?

A: While some DIY enthusiasts might find it feasible, we highly recommend professional installation to ensure optimal performance and safety.

From mat to mesh systems, Electrical2Go offers a versatile selection of electric underfloor heating solutions for every home and commercial space. Choose from our array of trusted brands to find a heating solution that promises reliability, efficiency, and ultimate comfort.

Looking to make your home heating more eco-friendly? Dive into our extensive guide on Sustainable and Renewable Home Energy Solutions. From heat pumps to other green alternatives, our guide provides you with the insights you need to choose the most environmentally friendly heating option for your home.

Looking for underfloor heating insulation inspiration? Or perhaps you’re not quite sure what you need? Either way, our friendly sales team is ready and waiting to take your call. Just dial 01424 220384.