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  1. Click Elucian® 2 Pole 275Uc (V~) 40kA Type 2 SPD with Tails

    Product Code: CU2SPD275T

    £33.36 £27.80
  2. Hager JK11004S Invicta 3 4 Module Four Pole Switch Disconnector Incomer Kit 100A

    Product Code: JK11004S

    £57.95 £48.29
  3. Hager JK11253S 125A 3 Pole JK1 Switch Disconnector Incomer Kit

    Product Code: JK11253S

    £48.42 £40.35
  4. Eaton MEM Type A Incomer 125A SPSN Switch Disconnector

    Product Code: EAMS1251N

    £17.97 £14.97
  5. Eaton MEM Type B Incomer 125A TPSN Switch Disconnector

    Product Code: EBMS1253N

    £67.12 £55.93
  6. Hager Double Pole 63A Switch Disconnector

    Product Code: SBN263

    £32.15 £26.79
  7. Eaton MEM Type B Incomer Kit 100A 30mA RCCB

    Product Code: EBMR30

    £179.72 £149.77
  8. Wylex 80A 100mA Double Pole RCD Incomer

    Product Code: WRM80/2

    £32.78 £27.32
  9. Eaton MEM Type B Incomer 250A TP Switch Disconnector

    Product Code: EBMS2503

    £311.40 £259.50
  10. SD323SW Schneider Electric 32A Triple Pole Switch Disconnector

    Product Code: SD323SW

    £100.91 £84.09
  11. Eaton MEM Type B Incomer 125A TP Switch Disconnector

    Product Code: EBMS1253

    £59.49 £49.57
  12. Eaton MEM Type B Incomer Kit 125A SPSN Switch Disconnector Inc. Single Phasing Link

    Product Code: EBMS1251N

    £54.95 £45.79
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Find electrical isolators, disconnectors, fuse switches, SPD's and more from Electrical2Go. When it comes to building a safe, efficient electrical supply, it’s all about stocking up on the right accessories.

We regularly search the market to bring you the very best electrical isolators, disconnectors and fuse switches from the most respected brands. These include Wylex, Lewden, Eaton MEM, Schneider, Hager and more. Use the handy filters below to search by brand, or simply order by price to find the product which fits your budget. Discover the type A incomer from Eaton MEM, the 100A double-pole switch disconnector incomer from Wylex, the 63A double-pole switch disconnector from Hager, and the Schneider 125a switch disconnector. We keep an eye on pricing fluctuations to ensure we’re always bringing you these products at the most competitive prices. To protect your budget even further, we offer free delivery over a certain amount, so it’s a great excuse to stock up! If you have any questions about which is the right disconnector, isolator or fuse switch for your project, our friendly team is always on hand to help. Just give them a call on 01424 220384 today.