Electric Vehicle Charging

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  1. Garo G6EV40PME Consumer Unit, MCU Type A RCBO & PME Fault, EV Charger Compatible

    Product Code: G6EV40PME

    £118.74 £98.95
  2. Project EV AC EV Charger 7.3kw 32A (Single Phase)

    Product Code: EVA-07S-S

    £401.93 £334.94
  3. Garo G6EVPME132 MCU PME Fault Detection Distribution Board - EV Charger Compatible

    Product Code: G6EVPME132

    £123.38 £102.82
  4. EO Mini PRO v2 up to 7.2kw WIFI EV Charger - Black

    Product Code: EM201-PRO-DCL-BK

    £533.33 £444.44
  5. Garo Consumer Unit - MCU - Type A RCBO & PME Fault IP65 - GCUT6 Watertight Enclosure - Suitable For EV Chargers

    Product Code: GC6EV40PME

    £150.95 £125.79
  6. Project EV RFID Card (Additional Cards) for EV Charger

    Product Code: EV-RFID

    £4.67 £3.89
  7. EO COM-00CT-0027 100A Split-core Current Transformer for EV Charger

    Product Code: COM-00CT-0027

    £27.78 £23.15
  8. Zappi Hub Smart Device For Mobile Phone App (Needed for OLEV Grant) for EV Charger

    Product Code: HUB

    £86.66 £72.22
  9. MyEnergi EV Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor for EV Charger

    Product Code: HARVI-65A3P

    £54.97 £45.81
  10. Rolec Open Charge RFID Card

    Product Code: RFID0010

    £11.91 £9.92
  11. EO Mini EV Charger up to 7.2kw/32amps - Black

    Product Code: EM002-DCL-BK

    £395.19 £329.32
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