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  1. MyEnergi 10 Metre Single Phase 32A Type 2 Charging Cable for EV Charger - A3353

    Product Code: A3353

    Delivery Estimate:
    £225.99 £188.32
  2. Sync EV Masterplug 32A 22kW Three-phase Mode 3 Type 2 to Type 2 Electrical Vehicle Charging Cable 5m - EVC22325TL

    Product Code: EVC22325TL

    Delivery Estimate:
    £208.50 £173.75
  3. Sync EV Masterplug 32A 7kW Mode 3 Type 2 to Type 2 Electrical Vehicle Charging Cable 5m - EVC22325SL

    Product Code: EVC22325SL

    Delivery Estimate:
    £145.04 £120.87
  4. Sync EV Masterplug 32A 7kW Mode 3 Type 2 to Type 1 Electrical Vehicle Charging Cable 5m - EVC21325SL

    Product Code: EVC21325SL

    Delivery Estimate:
    £160.67 £133.89
  5. Juice 10-metre Extension Cable for Juice Booster 2 - EL-JB2V10

    Product Code: EL-JB2V10

    Delivery Estimate:
    £263.04 £219.20
  6. Juice 5-metre extension cable for Juice Booster 2 EV Charger - EL-JB2V5

    Product Code: EL-JB2V5

    Delivery Estimate:
    £190.09 £158.41
  7. Juice Booster Type 2 Safety Adaptor for EV Charger - EA-JCT2

    Product Code: EA-JCT2

    Delivery Estimate:
    £190.09 £158.41
  8. Juice Booster 2 CEE 16 / 230 V Safety Adapter for EV Charger - EA-JCB1

    Product Code: EA-JCB1

    Delivery Estimate:
    £90.82 £75.68
  9. Garo Type 2 to Type 2 32A 400V 5 Meter - CCT32T2T2-5

    Product Code: CCT32T2T2-5

    Delivery Estimate:
    £231.25 £192.71
  10. Project EV Single Phase (32 amp) Type 2 to Type 1 Cable for EV Charger - EV-32a2-1-5m

    Product Code: EV-32a2-1-5m

    Delivery Estimate:
    £228.54 £190.45
  11. Project EV Three Phase (32 amp) 10m Cable Type 2 > Type 2 for EV Charger - EV-22-32a-2-2-10m

    Product Code: EV-22-32a-2-2-10m

    Delivery Estimate:
    £239.71 £199.76
  12. Project EV Three Phase (32 amp) 7.5m Cable Type 2 > Type 2 for EV Charger - EV-22-32a-2-2-7.5m

    Product Code: EV-22-32a-2-2-7.5m

    Delivery Estimate:
    £210.58 £175.48
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Find the Perfect EV Charger Cable at Electrical2Go

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, so does the need for reliable EV charging solutions. At Electrical2Go, we are committed to supporting the transition to sustainable transportation by offering a comprehensive range of EV charger cables. Whether you have a Type 1 or Type 2 connector, single phase or three phase power needs, our selection caters to various charging requirements.

Type 1 EV Charger Cables

Type 1 EV Charger Cables are designed for vehicles with a Type 1 connector. Commonly used with older models of EVs, these cables connect your vehicle to home or public charging stations, ensuring a secure and efficient charge.

Type 2 EV Charger Cables

Type 2 EV Charger Cables are increasingly popular and compatible with the latest EV models. These cables are known for their versatility, allowing connection to both home and commercial charging points.

Single Phase EV Charger Cables

Ideal for home charging, Single Phase EV Charger Cables offer a convenient solution for daily charging needs. These cables are perfect for overnight charging, ensuring your vehicle is ready to go when you are.

Three Phase EV Charger Cables

For faster charging capabilities, Three Phase EV Charger Cables are the optimal choice. Ideal for commercial settings or for EVs with higher power requirements, these cables significantly reduce charging time, making them perfect for on-the-go needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which EV charger cable is right for my vehicle?

The right cable depends on your vehicle’s connector type and charging capacity. Check your vehicle's manual or consult with the manufacturer to determine whether you need a Type 1 or Type 2 cable, and whether your vehicle is compatible with single phase or three phase charging.

Can I use a three phase cable with a single phase power source?

While you can physically connect a three phase cable to a single phase source, the charging will only occur at the single phase rate.

Are longer charging cables available?

Yes, we offer EV charger cables in various lengths to suit different parking and garage setups.

Do you provide warranty on EV charger cables?

Most of our EV charger cables come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please check the individual product details for specific warranty information.

At Electrical2Go, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable EV charging. Our selection of EV charger cables is designed to meet your charging needs, ensuring you're always ready for the road ahead. Shop with us today and take a step towards a greener future!

If you need any guidance or advice on purchasing the correct electric vehicle charger then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly sales. Call them on 01424 220384.  

Need to charge on the road? Check out this really useful fully interactive map from Auto Trader to find an EV charger close to you: Click here to visit interactive EV Charger Map