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  1. Heat Mat NGT-2.0-STND NG Touch Thermostat 16A

    Product Code: NGT-2.0-STND

    £96.62 £80.52
  2. Timeguard TRT05 Timeguard Electronic Plug In Thermostat With 24 Hour Timer

    Product Code: TRT05

    £20.22 £16.85
  3. Timeguard TGBT4N 4 Hour Electronic Boost Timer

    Product Code: TGBT4N

    £19.95 £16.62
  4. Dual Tariff 7 Day Timer With Boost Timer

    Product Code: T109-C

    £27.65 £23.04
  5. Timeguard FST24 Timeswitch 24hr

    Product Code: FST24

    £36.49 £30.41
  6. Robus Thermostat 2300W, 230/240V, 84mm, White

    Product Code: RRF10

    £10.62 £8.85
  7. Sangamo 72201 Astro Suntracker 7 Day 2 Channel 2 Module DIN Rail Timer

    Product Code: 72201

    £103.86 £86.55
  8. Timeguard NTT05 24 Hr Slimline Segment General Purpose Time Switch

    Product Code: NTT05

    £21.74 £18.12
  9. Sangamo CHOICERSTAT3-RF Choice RSTAT3 Rf Digital Wireless Thermostat

    Product Code: CHOICERSTAT3RF

    £53.78 £44.82
  10. Sangamo E855 Digital RPTS 7 Day 4-Pin Time Switch With 48 On/Off Operations With 20 Day Battery Reserve

    Product Code: E855

    £172.52 £143.77
  11. Sangamo 72101 Astro Suntracker 7 Day 1 Channel 2 Module DIN Rail Timer

    Product Code: 72101

    £88.76 £73.97
  12. Timeguard NTT04 24 Hr / 7 Day Compact Electronic Timer c/w Volt Free Contacts

    Product Code: NTT04

    £33.80 £28.17
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