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  1. Enlite ICE 5W Dimmable GU10 LED Warm White Lamp (EN-DGU005/30)

    Product Code: EN-DGU005/30

    £3.56 £2.97
  2. Integral GU10 620lm 6W 3000K Dimmable

    Product Code: ILGU10DD120

    £1.73 £1.44
  3. Aurora EN-GU005/30 GU10 5W 60⁰ 500lm Non Dimmable LED Lamp 3000K

    Product Code: EN-GU005/30

    £3.17 £2.64
  4. Aurora EN-DGU005/40 GU10 5W 60⁰ 520lm Dimmable LED Lamp 4000K

    Product Code: EN-DGU005/40

    £4.03 £3.36
  5. Aurora EN-GU005/40 GU10 5W 60⁰ 520lm Non Dimmable LED Lamp 4000K

    Product Code: EN-GU005/40

    £3.17 £2.64
  6. Integral Lamp, LED GU10 Classic, PAR16 Shape 36 Degree Non-Dimmable

    Product Code: ILGU10NE115

    £1.38 £1.15
  7. Integeral GU10 640Lm 6W 4000K Dimmable

    Product Code: ILGU10DE118

    £1.80 £1.50
  8. Megaman Economy LED 3.5W Opal Golf Ball B22 2800K - Warm LED (143394)

    Product Code: 143394

    £1.84 £1.53
  9. Integral LED GU10 620Lm 6w (75w) 2700K Dimmable 36 Degree

    Product Code: ILGU10DC117

    £1.64 £1.37
  10. Aurora EN-DGU0053/30 GU10 5W 38⁰ 500lm Dimmable LED Lamp 3000K

    Product Code: EN-DGU0053/30

    £5.18 £4.32
  11. Aurora EN-GU005/64 GU10 5W 60⁰ 540lm Non Dimmable LED Lamp 6400K

    Product Code: EN-GU005/64

    £3.89 £3.24
  12. Integral ILGU10DC086 GU10 PAR16 5.6W eq. to 50W 2700K 400Lumens (345Lumens Φ90°) 900 Cd 80Ra 36° Beam Angle

    Product Code: ILGU10DC086

    £1.65 £1.37
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LED light bulbs are the most long-lasting and energy-efficient bulbs that money can buy, that's why they're so popular. And that's why our range is so diverse, so that you can find exactly the right LED bulb for your project. We stock a range of LED light bulbs for all installations including white light bulbs, flood lights bulbs, dimmable LED light bulbs and more.

Choose from LED tubes, LED panels, LED golf ball bulbs, LED drivers, GU10, PAR, MR16 and much, much more besides. You'll find that all of our products are fairly and competitively priced, keeping your project on budget. We stock LED bulbs for indoor and outdoor use, home and industrial use and in all types of fittings including screw in and bayonet.

If you're unsure which colour temperature lighting will suit your home, check out our Warm White vs Cool White lighting guide.

If you’re not sure what the best LED light bulb is for the job at hand, our friendly sales team is here to help. Just give them a call on 01424 220384 and they’ll happily assist you.