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7kW Office & Home EV Chargers

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    MyEnergi Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charger 7kW Type 2 Tethered Black - ZAPPI-2H07TB

    Product Code: ZAPPI-2H07TB

    Delivery Estimate:
    Special Price £671.99 £559.99 Was £672.90 £560.75
  2. Sale
    MyEnergi Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charger 7kW Untethered Black - ZAPPI-2H07UB

    Product Code: ZAPPI-2H07UB

    Delivery Estimate:
    Special Price £659.99 £549.99 Was £667.25 £556.04
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    Rolec QUBEV Single Phase Smart EV Charger 7.4kW 32A Type 2 Socket - EVON0090

    Product Code: EVON0090

    Delivery Estimate:
    Special Price £395.99 £329.99 Was £415.05 £345.87
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    Aurora Seren EV Charger 7.4kW 230V - 600000

    Product Code: 600000

    Delivery Estimate:
    Special Price £479.99 £399.99 Was £499.99 £416.66
  5. MyEnergi Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charger 7kW Type 2 Tethered White - ZAPPI-2H07TW

    Product Code: ZAPPI-2H07TW

    Delivery Estimate:
    £683.99 £569.99
  6. Project EV 7.3kW Fast AC Single Charger, Untethered - APEX-7S

    Product Code: APEX-7S

    Delivery Estimate:
    £399.79 £333.16
  7. Ohme Home Pro 7kW EV Charger Type 2 Tethered 5m Black IP55 - OHME0002GB002

    Product Code: OHME0002GB002

    Delivery Estimate:
    £562.80 £469.00
  8. MyEnergi Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charger 7kW Untethered White - ZAPPI-2H07UW

    Product Code: ZAPPI-2H07UW

    Delivery Estimate:
    £667.13 £555.94
  9. Sale
    Deta E eVoomXT 7kW & 22kW Public EV Charger Point Type 2 - EVC7005

    Product Code: EVC7005

    Delivery Estimate:
    Special Price £1,058.82 £882.35 Was £1,473.08 £1,227.57
  10. Rolec WallPod Smart EV Charger - up to 7.4kw Type 2 Socket - with TruePEN - Black - ROLEC4020B

    Product Code: ROLEC4020B

    Delivery Estimate:
    £897.79 £748.16
  11. Rolec Quantum Smart EV Charging Pedestal - 1x up to 7.4kw Type 2 Socket - White - ROLEC0411W

    Product Code: ROLEC0411W

    Delivery Estimate:
    £1,547.61 £1,289.67
  12. EO Mini Pro 3 Tethered Type 1 7.2kW 32 amps 1 Phase OCCP 1.6 + Ethernet + DCL+ RFID+ GSM + ISO 15118

    Product Code: EM301-T1T-PME-DCL-RFID-GSM-PLC

    Delivery Estimate:
    £856.94 £714.12
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Explore our range of 7kW car chargers that are equally as well suited to home use as they are commercial installations. We stock 7kW chargers from all the major manufacturers, and many are eligible for the £350 OLEV grant. Explore our range of 7kW home chargers below.

7kW EV Charger

7kW car chargers are the most powerful EV chargers that can be installed on a single phase power supply, which 95% of UK homes have. A 7kW home charger is the fastest and most efficient way that most electric motorists will be able to charge their vehicle.

Depending on the size of the battery, a 7kW charger would charge an electric car from empty to full in between 8-10 hours. For most drivers, this means complete charges can often be achieved overnight, and shorter top ups can be carried out during the day if needed. For commercial premises, a 7kW EV charger allows staff to charge their vehicle’s battery during the day, to a reasonable state of charge.

Cheapest 7kW EV Charger

With so many car chargers to choose from, offering a range of options from tethered to non-tethered and more, it can be difficult in finding the perfect ev charger for you at an affordable price. Here at Electrical2Go we stock the best chargers at the best prices, but sometimes this isn't always enough. So that is why we also have the cheapest 7kW EV Charger available too! Click through here to browse our cheapest 7kW Charger to see if it meets your needs: Rolec QUBEV 7.4kW Single Phase Type 2 EVON0090

Type 2 7kW EV Charger for Homes

Enjoy the benefit of having the most popular (within Europe) Type 2 EV Chargers sat securely outside your home. This highly compatible socket type is the go-to for millions of electric vehicle users as it allows different cars (often also fitted with Type 2 Socket) to charge at their homes. Some examples of a Type 2 7kW EV Charger are the following models from Zappi to also Aurora's new range of EV accessories:

MyEnergi Zappi Type 2 EV Charger 7kW - ZAPPI-2H07TB

It harnesses advanced technology to tap into surplus solar or wind energy, enabling you to charge your vehicle using clean, sustainable power sources and significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, it incorporates built-in safety mechanisms, including overload protection and automatic shut-off, ensuring continuous protection for both your vehicle and the charging station. Further benefit from this sleek black, tethered charger so you are never out of luck with no charger!

MyEnergi Zappi Untethered EV Charger Type 2 7kW - ZAPPI-2H07UW

The MyEnergi Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charge Point Untethered 7kW White, is the ultimate choice for electric vehicle owners in pursuit of fast, cost-effective, and eco-conscious charging. Its powerful features and elegant design make it a standout option for those who value convenience, efficiency, and sustainability.

Please Note - Browse around other Zappi Chargers we offer - you will find a blend of black or white, tethered or untethered and more to pick from to complete your EV Charging needs! These two are just a quick preview, we offer over 10 variations!

Aurora Seren EV Charger 7.4kW 230V - 600000

Charge your electric vehicle efficiently with the Aurora Seren EV Charger, a high-performance 7.4kW, 230V AC charging station. This charger, featuring an untethered Type 2 connector, is designed for versatility and ease of use.


We stock a wide range of 7kW car chargers from major brands including Wallbox, EO, Zappi, Garo, Scame, Project EV, Rolec, Delta and many more. If you’re unsure which 7kW EV charger is right for your installation, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team who will be happy to answer any questions you have. Call them on 01424 220384.

If you’re looking for a fast charger for a commercial or industrial setting, or a home with 3-phase power, then we stock a range of 3 Phase Car Chargers.