HeatMat Accessories

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  1. HeatMat Heating Mat 3mm Repair Kit (HCA-111-006)

    Product Code: HCA-111-0006

    £15.36 £12.80
  2. HeatMat 10mm Thermal Insulation Board 4.32sqm (TTB-010-0004)

    Product Code: TTB-010-6PCK

    £98.34 £81.95
  3. Heat Mat TTB-004-4PCK Structural Thermal Insulation Boards 4mm - 2.88sqm (Pack of 4 Boards)

    Product Code: TTB-004-4PCK

    £63.23 £52.69
  4. HeatMat Double Sided Tape For Securing Fixing Bands - 25M (HCA-111-0008)

    Product Code: HCA-111-0008

    £6.40 £5.33
  5. HeatMat Thermalite 1 Litre Primer (ACC-PRI-0002)

    Product Code: ACC-PRI-0002

    £19.93 £16.61
  6. HeatMat 90M Thermal Insulation Board Reinforcement Tape (TTB-111-0090)

    Product Code: TTB-111-0090

    £7.50 £6.25
  7. Heatmat HCA-111-COND Flexible Conduit 2m

    Product Code: HCA-111-COND

    £3.24 £2.70
  8. HeatMat 25m Fixing Strip Sufficient for upto 150M of 7mm Cable (PAR-111-0001)

    Product Code: PRA-111-0002

    £39.78 £33.15
  9. HeatMat 50 x 25mm Screw & Washer Pack For 10mm Insulation Boards - Floorboards (TTB-111-1000)

    Product Code: TTB-111-1000

    £9.30 £7.75
  10. HeatMat Mirror Heat Demister Mat 150W 500mm x 1476mm (MRH-500-1476)

    Product Code: MRH-500-1476

    £79.67 £66.39
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