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Vent-Axia Ventilation Systems & Heat Recovery

Vent-Axia are a leading Air Ventilation System Manufacturer.

A British manufacturer founded in 1936, Vent-Axia is a reliable, trusted brand with a global reputation for high-quality ventilation and heat recovery systems. Their domestic ventilation products include kitchen extractor fans, bathroom fans and whole house ventilation systems. Check out a selection of our Vent-Axia domestic ranges to the right, or use the link at the bottom of the page to view all Vent-Axia ventilation and heat recovery products.

Vent Axia ventilation

Commercial and Industrial Ventilation Systems.

Vent-Axia heat recovery systems are available for commercial and industrial purposes, as are ventilation units. The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon commercial ventilation range delivers all the reliability you would expect from Vent-Axia with even greater energy efficiency. Check out a selection of our Vent-Axia commercial and industrial ventilation ranges to the left, or use the link at the bottom of the page to view all Vent-Axia ventilation and heat recovery products.

Why Your Business or Home Should Have A Vent-Axia Heat Recovery System

A Vent-Axia ventilation with heat recovery system can have many benefits for your family home or workplace. Not only can the fresh filtered air produced by a heat recovery unit replace any indoor pollutants or stale air lingering about, but it also reduces the risk of humidity, mould and condensation.

It also recovers heat and retains energy, that would otherwise have been lost. Usually, ventilation and airflow are achieved simply by opening windows and doors, or by relying on extractor fans in rooms prone to steaminess (i.e the bathroom and kitchen). Whilst this approach works well, it is not energy efficient as warm air seeps outside. Air tightness and draughts in your home or workplace can similarly be a major source of heat loss.

Ultimately, even if the money saving perks are not an incentive, at the very least, a Vent-Axia heat recovery system has the potential to create a much healthier environment for your family or employees.