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Hager Consumer Units and Circuit Protection

Hager Consumer units and circuit protection
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Hager Consumer Units

The Hager range of Consumer Units includes the 17th Edition Amendment 3 compliant (U.K & N.I) Design Range along with an insulated range for installations that don't need to comply to the latest regulations.

At Electrical2Go we stock the Design 10 Consumer unit range which is the entry level board designed for all applications. As with both models in the range, there is ample cable space available even when RCBOs are fitted. The top mounted terminal rail makes the wiring of the neutral and earth connections neat and simple. Multiple fixing points and a full metal DIN rail ensure the devices sit square.

The most popular of this range is the split load (5+5) fully metal VML755H consumer unit.


Hager MCB, RCD and RCBO's

We’re also able to supply you with a wide selection of Hager circuit breakers and accessories including MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs so that you can finish off each job to bespoke requirements. Our selection of Hager RCBO circuit breakers is particularly popular, being suitable for residential, commercial and industrial uses and with a choice of ratings including the 6A ADA306G, the 10A ADA310G, the 20A ADA120U and the 32A ADA332G.


Hager Sollysta

Hager electric is not just about Circuit protection of course. Their Sollysta range of wiring accessories includes decorative, metal clad and more. At Electrical2Go we stock their white molded Sollysta range which offers extremely easy installation, a large amount of cabling space due to a shallow back projection, a built-in neutral loop terminal (in wall switches) and well laid out, easily accessible terminals behind the faceplate.


Hager Sollysta switches and sockets
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