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BASEC Cables

BASEC Cables
BASEC Cables

BASEC Single Core Cables

Single Core Cables

Click below to browse the most reliable, durable BASEC single-core cables on the market. From 1.5mm single-core cables to 35mm double-insulated tails, Electrical2go brings you the best products at the most budget-friendly prices.

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BASEC Heat Resistant Cables

Heat Resistant Cables

Need the very best for the lowest possible prices? Browse our extensive selection of BASEC heat-resistant cables, including 3 core rubber heat-resistant flex in a range of sizes from 0.75mm to 2.5mm.

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BASEC 4 Core / 5 Core Cables

4 Core / 5 Core Cables

Our range of BASEC 3 core and 5 core cables has everything you need to get the job done. Robust, reliable and built for optimum safety, Electrical2go’s range of BASEC cables meets all the current requirements for your total peace of mind.

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BASEC Cables

BASEC is the British Approvals Service for Cables: a respected certification body that makes sure all approved cables live up to their extremely high standards. Inspecting products with regards to safety and premium quality, when you invest in a BASEC cable, you know you’re buying the best.

At Electrical2go, we stock a huge range of BASEC-certified cables, including BASEC single core cables, BASEC telephone cables and BASEC multi-core cables. Looking for 4 core cables, 3 core cables and 2 core cables with reliability guaranteed? Browse our huge selection, which also includes BASEC 3 core and earth cables, and twin and earth cables.

BASEC Cables
BASEC Cables

BASEC Cables

If you’re investing in heat-resistant cables and tough rubber cables, we always recommend going with BASEC-certified products. Our range includes a huge selection of heat-resistant PVC flex, rubber heat-resistant flex and tough rubber flex.

With a diverse collection of BASEC arctic cables, alarm cables and network cables, you can rely on the Electrical2go range to provide everything you need to complete your project to safe, reliable standards. And if you’re looking for coaxial and satellite cables, we’ve got the finest BASEC-approved products at the best possible prices. So invest in the best by shopping with us, and we’ll promise to keep our product prices as low as we can manage.

Featured Products

ex VAT: £1.15 inc VAT: £1.38
  • SKU: 6944X 1.5
  • Style: 4 Core
  • Manufacturer: BASEC

1.5mm 4 Core Steel Wired Armoured Cable (Price is per 1m) (6944X 1.5)

ex VAT: £33.37 inc VAT: £40.05

3 Core 0.75mm Heat Resistant PVC Flex (Price is per 100m) (3093Y 0.75MM 100M)

ex VAT: £17.04 inc VAT: £20.45

4 Core 0.75mm PVC Flex (Price is per 50m) (3184Y 0.75MM 50M)

ex VAT: £9.76 inc VAT: £11.71

2 Core 0.75mm PVC Flex (Price is per 50m) (3182Y 0.75MM 50M)