BN Thermic Controllers

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  1. BN Thermic CS-7 Control Switch Heat 1 & 2 Fan Only

    Product Code: CS-7

    £61.41 £51.17
  2. BN Thermic CX1 System X Switch with Thermostat

    Product Code: CX1

    £90.35 £75.29
  3. BN Thermic Programmable touch screen control ambient/floor sensor white (T16CW)

    Product Code: T16CW

    £111.53 £92.94
  4. BN Thermic Optional IP65 Remote Sensor For Use T16C Thermostats (T16R)

    Product Code: T16R

    £27.53 £22.94
  5. BN Thermic Programmable Touch Screen Control Ambient & Floor Sensor Silver (T16CS)

    Product Code: T16CS

    £136.74 £113.95
  6. BN Thermic Wireless central programmer

    Product Code: WSP-1

    £165.33 £137.77
  7. BN Thermic 80A 3 Pole Contactor (CON-80)

    Product Code: CON-80

    £110.82 £92.35
  8. BN Thermic Programmable Touch Screen Control Ambient & Floor sensor Black (T16CB)

    Product Code: T16CB

    £136.74 £113.95
  9. BN Thermic 50A 3 Pole Contactor (CON-50)

    Product Code: CON-50

    £49.41 £41.17
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