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  1. Rointe Kyros 990W Digital Electric Radiator

    Product Code: KRI0990RAD3

    £315.00 £262.50
  2. Rointe Kyros 770W Digital Electric Radiator

    Product Code: KRI0770RAD3

    £289.69 £241.41
  3. Rointe Kyros 550W Digital Electric Radiator

    Product Code: KRI0550RAD3

    £222.50 £185.42
  4. Rointe Kyros 1210W Digital Electric Radiator

    Product Code: KRI1210RAD3

    £367.00 £305.83
  5. Rointe Kyros 330W Digital Electric Radiator

    Product Code: KRI0330RAD3

    £175.00 £145.83
  6. Rointe Kyros 1430W Digital Electric Radiator

    Product Code: KRI1430RAD3

    £406.00 £338.33
  7. Rointe Kyros 1600W Digital Electric Radiator

    Product Code: KRI1600RAD3

    £436.00 £363.33
  8. Dimplex Freestanding or Wall Mounted Energy Controlled Thermostat & Timer 1.5KW (OFX1500TI)

    Product Code: OFX1500TI

    £180.52 £150.43
  9. Rointe Kyros Air Control Infrared Remote Control (ACMI120)

    Product Code: ACMI120

    £87.00 £72.50
  10. Rointe DIW1210RAD D Series Electric Radiator 1210W White

    Product Code: DIW1210RAD

    £467.58 £389.65
  11. Rointe DIW0550RAD D Series Electric Radiator 550W White

    Product Code: DIW0550RAD

    £272.89 £227.41
  12. Rointe DIW1600RAD D series Electric Radiator 1600W White

    Product Code: DIW1600RAD

    £578.11 £481.76
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Oil filled radiators offer a simple and effective solution to domestic heating needs. Whether you’re looking for wall mounted oil filled radiators for a major project, or you’re looking for a small, oil filled electric radiator for a garage, an office or a spare room, we’ve got something for you. Browse our range of oil filled heaters below.

We have in stock a range of Dimplex wall-mounted and mobile units, ranging from column radiators with thermostat, to wall-mounted energy-controlled units, all coming in different sizes and wattages so there’s something for everyone. One of the advantages of oil filled electric radiators is that they all have individual thermostats and can allow you to only heat the room you’re in. Having a portable oil filled radiator at home is also a great idea should you have a problem with your central heating. If you’re not sure what sort of oil filled heater is best for your home and could do with some advice, you can always call our friendly customer service team on 01424 220384.