BN Thermic F-Series

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  1. Bn Thermic Foil Heating Mat 1.0msq 140W/msq (F140-010)

    Product Code: F140-010

    £62.28 £51.90
  2. Bn Thermic Foil Heating Mat 6.0M 140W/msq (F140-060)

    Product Code: F140-060

    £240.00 £200.00
  3. Bn Thermic Foil Heating Mat 4.0M 140W/msq (F140-040)

    Product Code: F140-040

    £177.72 £148.10
  4. Bn Thermic Foil Heating Mat 8.0M 140W/msq (F140-080)

    Product Code: F140-080

    £264.67 £220.56
  5. Bn Thermic Foil Heating Mat 1.5msq 140W/msq (F140-015)

    Product Code: F140-015

    £85.32 £71.10
  6. Bn Thermic Foil Heating Mat 2.0msq 140W/msq (F140-020)

    Product Code: F140-020

    £91.76 £76.47
  7. Bn Thermic Foil Heating Mat 10.0M 140W/msq (F140-100)

    Product Code: F140-100

    £364.20 £303.50
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BN Thermic F-Series - Highest quality heating mats covered by a 10 year warranty, specifically designed for installation under engineered wood and laminate floors. Mats can be manipulated to fill a space just like conventional heating mats Ideal for any room including bathrooms. Order today at our great prices, and enjoy our superb customer service! If you’re not sure about quantities, sizes or have any other questions, our sales team will be more than happy to help. Give them a call now on 01424 220384.