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  1. Deligo CTSB Cable Tie Saddle Nylon Black

    Product Code: CTSB

    £0.05 £0.04
  2. Deligo MPRED Wall Plug 30mm Red

    Product Code: MPRED

    £0.01 £0.01
  3. Deligo CTB25B Cable Tie Base 25mm Nylon Black

    Product Code: CTB25B

    £0.03 £0.02
  4. Deligo MPBROWN Wall Plug 35mm Brown

    Product Code: MPBROWN

    £0.01 £0.01
  5. Deligo CTBSS Cable Tie Base 6mm Stainless Steel

    Product Code: CTBSS

    £0.35 £0.29
  6. Deligo CTP Cable Tie Plug M8

    Product Code: CTP

    £0.04 £0.03
  7. Deligo CTB19B Cable Tie Base 19mm Nylon Black

    Product Code: CTB19B

    £0.03 £0.02
  8. Deligo SST46200 4.6 x 200mm A2 Stainless Cable Ties

    Product Code: SST46200

    £0.13 £0.11
  9. Deligo SA6 Wall Plug M6x32 Steel Saw Anchors

    Product Code: SA6

    £0.11 £0.09
  10. Deligo SST46300 4.6 x 300mm A2 Stainless Cable Ties

    Product Code: SST46300

    £0.16 £0.13
  11. Deligo SST46360 4.6 x 360mm A2 Stainless Cable Ties

    Product Code: SST46360

    £0.18 £0.15
  12. Deligo SST46520 4.6 x 520mm A2 Stainless Cable Ties

    Product Code: SST46520

    £0.22 £0.18
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