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Staff Picks

Star Product: Nest Outdoor Cam

This Week’s staff pick comes from Sam our Stores manager. He's chosen the Nest Outdoor Cam as his star product and here's what he has to say....

I have gone for the Nest Outdoor Cam because it is a fantastic new bit of kit. It has some great features such as;

  • 24/7 live streaming, so you can check in at any time.

  • Streams in 1080p HD, and with 8 x zoom.

  • Two-way audio, so you can let a stranger know that you’re paying attention

  • Night vision evenly illuminates the view.

  • Very easy to set up.

All of these along with the modern sleek look and reasonable cost make it a very appealing product which I think will prove to be very popular with our customers.

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Star Product: Enlite DE8 Downlight

This week’s staff pick comes from Ricky. He's chosen the Enlite DE8 Downlight as his star product and here's what he has to say....

This product has really taken over much of the LED down lights that we sell these days. It has some great features that work alongside its reasonable cost.

The features that set it aside from other downlights;

  • It comes dimmable as standard.

  • Push connections for quick/easy install.

  • Can be covered by insulation, so there is no need to use a fire hood.

  • Interchangeable bezel.

  • Complies with all the latest regulations.

  • Also now available in an adjustable version.

  • Comes with a 3 year warranty.

Therefore I feel this is a versatile downlight that meets the needs of many customers. I believe that this is a great seller for a reason and it is backed by its performance.

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Star Product: Vent-Axia ACM100 Inline Fan

This week’s Star Product pick is from Harry. He’s chosen the brilliant Vent-Axia ACM100 Inline Fan; here’s what he has to say about it....

I would recommend the ACM100 as my star product as in my opinion, it is the best inline fan available. It’s quieter than any other inline fan on the market meaning it doesn’t disturb the household.

Vent-Axia have also recently made subtle improvements, for instance, it is now available with a selectable 3-speed motor rather than the 2 speed on its predecessor. The installation is very simple and it can operate in both horizontal and vertical positions it’s also available with an integrated timer and available in a range of sizes.

To sum the product it is a fan you can rely on, pleasing on the eye and does a great job of what it’s meant to do.

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Star Product: Nest Protect

This weeks staff pick comes from Rob. He's chosen the Nest Protect as his star product and here's what he has to say....

I would have to recommend the Nest Protect as a star product, as for me its true value for money outweighs any similar product by far. It's a smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarm all in one. If you had to buy 3 separate alarms it would cost you a fair amount more. It shows just how far technology has come along within the industry and is a fantastic bit of kit. Take into consideration it's also lights your path in the dark, turns your boiler off when it senses a high level of CO and it’s controllable from your mobile or tablet, it's a no brainer and a first choice with many of my customers.

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Star Product: Zano ZGRIDLED

This week’s Star Product pick is from Martin. He’s chosen the Zano ZGRIDLED; here’s what he has to say about it....

I would highly recommend the Zano ZGRIDLED! It’s the latest technology in LED Dimming and has some fantastic features such as:

  • Digital flicker-free dimming and silent dimming - this eliminates the problems between leading and trailing edge lamps, yet it still works with either.
  • It fits 8 leading grid systems
  • Is very easy to install
  • Has a fantastic price

Overall the ZGRIDLED is an excellent single point dimming product for any domestic or small commercial project, and is a popular choice with many of our customers.

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