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Brand: Heatrae Sadia
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Heatrae Sadia CVE Eco 2 Fan (95060006)

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As modern homes become ever more airtight, the need for ventilation systems that deliver more, yet consume less, becomes increasingly pressing. But you don't need to compromise. Heatrae Sadia's ventilation systems meet and exceed the most stringent regulations and provide class-leading performance. At every code level and for every budget.

In the past people built houses which were not air-tight, which leaked air, for example, at the connection point of the wall and the floor or roof. Cracks were always visible around windows and doors. All these openings ensured that large volumes of air moved in and out of the buildings. When the wind was blowing the complete air content of the home was refreshed three to four times an hour. This ensured very good ventilation of the home, but a lot of energy was lost.
The CVE ECO 2 extractor unit ventilates several rooms in the home through ducts fitted in the kitchen, the bathroom, the WC and all other 'wet rooms'. These are connected to the central extractor fan system. To ensure there is a good distribution of air, valves are fitted to the openings of the ventilation ducts in the rooms to be ventilated. Air is extracted from the rooms through these valves, while fresh air from outside enters the home through openings, such as grilles, in the walls and windows of living rooms and bedrooms. The CVE ECO 2 continuous mechanical extract system not only outperforms intermittent fans, it uses less energy too. The continuous flow of air created by the CVE ECO 2 removes wet and contaminated air from kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms to leave a clean healthy indoor climate for occupants. A high-efficiency DC motor powers the unit while backward curved blades on the impeller minimise dust build-up. This means that occupants with a CVE ECO 2 enjoy more comfort - and lower fuel bills.

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  • Specific fan power of just 0.18 W/l/s in homes with kitchen, wet room and up to six additional rooms (exceeding the EST's 0.6 W/l/s recommendation).
  • Light, quiet and easy to maintain.
  • Controllable by wired three-way switch or remote wireless controller from any number of rooms.
  • Ideal for installation in family homes, apartment blocks and small offices
  • Can be installed in either new build or refurbishment properties.
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