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Type 1 EV Chargers

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  1. Rolec WallPod Smart EV Charger - up to 7.4kw Type 2 10m Tethered - White - ROLEC4145W

    Product Code: ROLEC4145W

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    £1,146.77 £955.64
  2. Wallbox Commander 2 EV Charger Type 1 7.4kw White 5m Cable - CMX2-0-1-2-8-001

    Product Code: CMX2-0-1-2-8-001

    Delivery Estimate:
    £1,109.92 £924.93
    Out of stock
  3. Sync EV Masterplug 10A 2.3kW Mode 2 3-Pin Plug to Type 1 Electrical Vehicle Charging Cable 10m - EVC

    Product Code: EVCP11310SL

    Delivery Estimate:
    £421.83 £351.52
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Unveil the World of Type 1 EV Chargers at Electrical2Go

Electrify your journey with our selection of Type 1 EV chargers, designed to meet the needs of your electric vehicle (EV). As the go-to destination for all your electrical solutions, Electrical2Go proudly offers a comprehensive range of Type 1 chargers from leading brands like EO Charging, Rolec, and Sync EV.

What is a Type 1 EV Charger and How Does It Work?

A Type 1 EV charger, also known as a J1772 connector, is a single-phase charger predominantly used in the USA and Asian markets but increasingly seen in the UK as well. It operates at 120-240 volts, typically providing up to 7.4 kW of power. The Type 1 connector locks into the vehicle's charging port, ensuring a secure connection during the charging process. Once plugged in, the charger and the EV communicate to establish the optimal charging current, ensuring a safe and efficient charge.

Brands Setting the Standard

Choose from an array of Type 1 EV chargers from EO Charging, a pioneer in intelligent charging solutions, Rolec, known for their robust and reliable chargers, and Sync EV, which offers next-gen, user-friendly interfaces. With such esteemed brands on offer, you can be assured of the quality and reliability of your EV charging solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles are compatible with Type 1 chargers?

Generally, older models and some Asian brands like Nissan and Mitsubishi use Type 1 connectors.

How fast can I charge my EV with a Type 1 charger?

Most Type 1 chargers offer up to 7.4 kW of power, allowing for a full charge in 4-5 hours, depending on the vehicle's battery size.

Is it safe to use a Type 1 charger in wet conditions?

Yes, all our Type 1 chargers comply with UK safety standards and are safe to use in all weather conditions.

Can I install a Type 1 charger at home?

Absolutely, but we recommend professional installation to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

What makes EO Charging, Rolec, and Sync EV standout brands?

These brands are renowned for their cutting-edge technology, robust construction, and user-friendly features, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience.

If you find yourself needing more information about Type 1 EV chargers, or have additional queries, don't hesitate to explore our comprehensive guides. For an in-depth understanding of electric vehicle chargers, our Electric Vehicle Charger Guide is a must-visit. And if you have specific questions, our EV Charger FAQs page is designed to provide you with quick and reliable answers. Both guides can be accessed directly from our website and are aimed at offering you the most complete and user-friendly experience possible. Visit Electric Vehicle Charger Guide and EV Charger FAQs to learn more.

For those seeking a versatile and efficient EV charging solution, Electrical2Go's range of Type 1 chargers has got you covered. Browse our selection today to find the perfect match for your electric vehicle.

At Electrical2Go, we stock a range of high quality, type 1 EV chargers from leading brands such as EO, Wallbox, Rolec, Scame and Zappi. If you have any trouble locating the exact one you require, why not call our friendly sales team? There’s always someone on hand to help! Call them now on 01424 220384.