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  1. IEC Lock Connector to C13-C14 Plug H05VV-F Leads - Black 0.5m

    Product Code: PC1002W

    £3.16 £2.63
  2. IEC Lock PC938W Connector to C13-C14 Plug H05VV-F Leads Orange 1.0m

    Product Code: PC938W

    £3.32 £2.77
  3. IEC Lock PC939W Connector to C13-C14 Plug H05VV-F Leads - Orange 1.5m

    Product Code: PC939W

    £3.66 £3.05
  4. Test Lead Set, 2 x 1.5m Silicone Test Leads with RA Banana Plug, 1000 V, 10A

    Product Code: FLUKETL76

    £42.60 £35.50
  5. IEC Lock PC1021W Connector to C13-C14 Plug H05VV-F Leads - Black 2.0m

    Product Code: PC1021W

    £4.39 £3.66
  6. IEC Lock PC1024W Connector to C13-C14 Plug H05VV-F Black 1.0m

    Product Code: PC1024W

    £3.32 £2.77
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IEC Locks from Scolmore to guard against accidental disconnection of Computers, PDS's, Servers and most Network Devices. Available now from Electrical2Go.

IEC Lock, a unique mechanism for locking IEC Connectors. Designed to help prevent accidental disconnection of computer equipment and servers containing valuable data. Suitable to prevent vulnerable appliances becoming disconnected due to vibration. Suitable for various Data communications applications that require a secure power source. Loose coile (Un-hanked) to avoid any permanent cable memory and ensure tidy installation. Unique 'patented' Female C134 & C19 connector 'IEC Lock.' Suitable for use with 'any' standard IEC inlet. Applications include Broadcasting, Medical, Military , Maritime and Data Centres.