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  1. Manrose QF100HX5 Silent Axial Fan 100mm White

    Product Code: QF100HX5

    Delivery Estimate:
    £123.93 £103.27
  2. Manrose QF100SX5 Quiet Axial Fan 100mm White

    Product Code: QF100SX5

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £55.44 £46.20
  3. Manrose Replacement G4 Filter Set for Lo-Watt Pivotal - MANPIVG4

    Product Code: MANPIVG4

    Delivery Estimate:
    £29.95 £24.96
  4. Manrose Lo-Watt Pivotal Positive Input Ventilation Unit (PIV) with 500W Heater - MANPIVH

    Product Code: MANPIVH

    Delivery Estimate:
    £359.95 £299.96
  5. Manrose Lo-Watt Pivotal Positive Input Ventilation Unit (PIV) - MANPIV

    Product Code: MANPIV

    Delivery Estimate:
    £315.00 £262.50
  6. Manrose 100mm Silent Conceal Fan with Humidity Sensor & Timer White - CSF100H

    Product Code: CSF100H

    Delivery Estimate:
    £61.04 £50.87
  7. Manrose 100mm Silent Conceal Fan with Timer White - CSF100T

    Product Code: CSF100T

    Delivery Estimate:
    £79.92 £66.60
  8. Manrose Showerlite Fan 100mm 4 Inch with Light Chrome - SL-C

    Product Code: SL-C

    Delivery Estimate:
    £53.73 £44.77
  9. Manrose Standard Silent Conceal Fan 16dB(A) White - CSF100S

    Product Code: CSF100S

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £61.34 £51.12
  10. Manrose FF100T Primero 4 inch Standard Fan with Timer (FF100T)

    Product Code: FF100T

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £17.99 £14.99
  11. Manrose MF100T Mixed Flow In-Line Extractor Fan with Timer (Use with 100mm / 4 Inch Ducting)

    Product Code: MF100T

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £58.76 £48.97
  12. Manrose FF100S Primero 4 inch Standard Fan (FF100S)

    Product Code: FF100S

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £14.26 £11.88
    Out of stock
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Manrose: Reliable Ventilation Solutions for Your Home or Business | Electrical2Go

Manrose is a trusted brand known for its reliable and efficient ventilation solutions. At Electrical2Go, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of Manrose products designed to meet the diverse needs of residential and commercial ventilation applications. Whether you're looking to improve air quality in bathrooms, kitchens, or other areas, Manrose provides high-quality ventilation fans, ducting, and accessories. Read on to explore the variety of Manrose products we sell and why Manrose is a preferred choice for ventilation projects.

Ventilation Fans: Ensure Fresh and Clean Air

Our selection of Manrose ventilation fans includes extractor fans, axial fans, centrifugal fans, and inline fans. These fans are designed to efficiently remove stale air, odours, and excess moisture from your space, ensuring proper air circulation and maintaining a fresh and healthy environment. Manrose ventilation fans are available in various sizes and airflow capacities to suit different room sizes and ventilation requirements.

Ducting and Accessories: Complete Ventilation Solutions

To complement the ventilation fans, we offer a wide range of Manrose ducting and accessories. From flexible ducting to rigid ducting, grilles, and connectors, these components ensure efficient airflow throughout your ventilation system. Manrose ducting and accessories are made from high-quality materials that are durable and resistant to wear, providing reliable and long-lasting performance.

Commonly Asked Questions about Manrose

Q: Are Manrose ventilation fans suitable for both residential and commercial applications?

A: Yes, Manrose ventilation fans are designed for use in both residential and commercial applications. They are suitable for a variety of spaces, including bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, offices, shops, and more. Whether you need ventilation solutions for a small bathroom or a large commercial building, Manrose offers products that cater to different ventilation requirements.

Q: Can Manrose ventilation fans be used with timers or humidity sensors?

A: Yes, many Manrose ventilation fans are compatible with timers or humidity sensors. These additional accessories allow you to control the fan operation based on a set time duration or the level of humidity in the room. Adding timers or humidity sensors can help optimise energy usage and ensure efficient ventilation in areas where moisture or odour control is crucial.

Q: Do Manrose ventilation fans come with installation instructions?

A: Yes, Manrose ventilation fans are typically supplied with detailed installation instructions to guide you through the installation process. However, it is recommended to consult a qualified electrician or installer for proper installation, especially when dealing with electrical connections and ducting. Following the manufacturer's instructions and seeking professional assistance will ensure safe and effective installation.

To explore our wide range of Manrose products and find the perfect solutions for your ventilation projects, visit our catalogue:

Choose Manrose for reliable ventilation solutions available at Electrical2Go. Discover our range of ventilation fans, ducting, and accessories designed to improve air quality and maintain optimal ventilation in your home or business. With Manrose's commitment to performance, durability, and innovation, you can trust their products to deliver efficient airflow and create a healthier living or working environment. Visit us today to explore the benefits of Manrose and find the perfect products for your ventilation projects.