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  1. Lutron Pico Remote Control RF Shades 3 Button R/L Black - PK2-3BRL-TBL-S01

    Product Code: PK2-3BRL-TBL-S01

    Delivery Estimate:
    £63.00 £52.50
  2. Lutron Pico 2 Column Metal Faceplate 89x89mm Satin Brass - LPFP-S2-SB

    Product Code: LPFP-S2-SB

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £60.58 £50.48
  3. Lutron Table Top Keypad Controller 868MHz R/L - RRK-T5RL-SW

    Product Code: RRK-T5RL-SW

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £317.39 £264.49
  4. Lutron Lyneo 2 Way Lighting Dimmer Switch 500W - LLSI-502B-FAW-M

    Product Code: LLSI-502B-FAW-M

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £33.91 £28.26
  5. Lutron PowPak Contact Closure Module - RMK-CCO1-24-B

    Product Code: RMK-CCO1-24-B

    Delivery Estimate:
    £100.44 £83.70
  6. Lutron PK2-2B-TBL-L01 RF Controller Blk

    Product Code: PK2-2B-TBL-L01

    Delivery Estimate:
    £40.80 £34.00
  7. Lutron Wireless Hallway Occupancy Sensor White - LRF3-OHLB-P-WH

    Product Code: LRF3-OHLB-P-WH

    Delivery Estimate:
    £82.26 £68.55
  8. Lutron Wireless Wall Corner Occupancy Sensor White - LRF3-OKLB-P-WH

    Product Code: LRF3-OKLB-P-WH

    Delivery Estimate:
    £82.26 £68.55
  9. Lutron Three button Pico Wireless Control with Raise/Lower - Lights (Black) - PK2-3BRL-TBL-L01

    Product Code: PK2-3BRL-TBL-L01

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £40.66 £33.88
  10. Lutron RRK-R25NE-240 RA2 Select In-Line Dimmer Controller

    Product Code: RRK-R25NE-240

    Delivery Estimate:
    order before 2pm
    £130.00 £108.33
  11. Lutron Pico Remote Faceplate 3 Gang Plastic Black - lpfp-s3-tbl

    Product Code: lpfp-s3-tbl

    Delivery Estimate:
    £47.83 £39.86
  12. Lutron Remote Control Pico RF RA2 2 Button Room Uni Black - pk2-4b-tbl-p04

    Product Code: pk2-4b-tbl-p04

    Delivery Estimate:
    £65.04 £54.20
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Create Smart and Stylish Spaces with Lutron Home Wiring and Lighting Products at Electrical2Go

Lutron is a leading brand when it comes to intelligent home wiring and lighting solutions. At Electrical2Go, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of Lutron products designed to elevate your living spaces. From advanced smart lighting systems to versatile home automation solutions, Lutron provides exceptional options for creating comfortable, convenient, and stylish environments. Read on to explore the diverse range of Lutron products we sell and discover why Lutron is a preferred choice for home wiring and lighting solutions.

Lutron Smart Lighting: Effortless Control and Energy Efficiency

Lutron smart lighting solutions offer seamless control over your home's lighting. Our range includes smart switches, dimmers, and lighting controls. With wireless connectivity and intuitive interfaces, Lutron smart lighting allows you to adjust the lighting levels, create custom scenes, and automate lighting schedules. Experience the convenience of effortless control while saving energy and enhancing the ambiance of your spaces.

Lutron Home Automation: Simplify and Personalise Your Living Spaces

Lutron home automation systems bring convenience and personalisation to your home. Our selection includes home control hubs, motorised blinds, and shades. With Lutron's advanced technology, you can integrate lighting, shading, and temperature control into a single, intuitive system. Effortlessly create the perfect lighting and ambiance, adjust shades for privacy or energy efficiency, and enjoy the benefits of a connected and automated home.

Lutron Accessories: Enhance Your Home Wiring and Lighting Setup

Complete your Lutron home wiring and lighting setup with our range of accessories. We offer a variety of options, including wall plates, connectors, and interface modules. These accessories ensure seamless integration and functionality of your Lutron system, allowing you to customise and optimise your home's electrical infrastructure.

Commonly Asked Questions about Lutron Home Wiring and Lighting Products

Q: Can Lutron smart lighting be controlled through mobile devices?

A: Yes, Lutron smart lighting systems can be controlled through dedicated mobile apps. With the Lutron app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily adjust lighting levels, create scenes, and manage your smart lighting system remotely.

Q: Do Lutron home automation systems work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?

A: Yes, Lutron home automation systems are compatible with popular voice assistants. You can integrate your Lutron system with voice-controlled devices to conveniently control lighting, shading, and other connected features using voice commands.

Q: Are Lutron products suitable for retrofit installations?

A: Yes, Lutron offers solutions that are suitable for both new construction and retrofit installations. With a range of wireless and wired options, Lutron provides flexibility to accommodate different wiring setups and upgrade existing homes with smart and stylish lighting systems.

To browse all our Lutron home wiring and lighting products, please click the following link:

Elevate your living spaces with Lutron home wiring and lighting products available at Electrical2Go. From smart lighting solutions to advanced home automation systems, Lutron offers a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance comfort, convenience, and style. Discover the benefits of Lutron's cutting-edge technology and find the perfect solutions for your residential or commercial projects. Visit us today to explore our wide selection of Lutron home wiring